Sept. 23 (Nìregyháza)

We reached the Ukranian-Hungarian border by about noon, driving, unsurprisingly, in rain. There was some token searching of bags… The relatively friendly Hungarian border guard, on hearing that I worked in Switzerland asked how one could get a job out there, and failing that, at least a good car. I agreed with him that German and English skills were a good starting point but then hurried to abandon him as well as the increasingly uncomfortable conversation.

We made it to Nyiregyhaza after dark, concluding a whole day spent in freezing rain. I was wearing plastic bags on my feet to insulate against soaked boots and disposable rubber workshop gloves (Jerome’s innovative idea) inside drenched gloves inside plastic bags… I can now say with cerainty that expensive brand name products sold in the west as waterproof are in fact not. The only things that are really waterproof are rolls of inexpensive garbage bags.

We are in Hotel Pagony **** 🙂 where we just enjoyed fish soup with catfish fillet and gray cattle ragout with gnocci. Plus Soproni and Unicum.

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