Sept. 22 (Lviv)

We arrived in Lviv after dark. We’re in a shabby hotel, can’t remember the name. Walked to the center and had some dinner in a tourist trap. Will continue across the border to Hungary tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Sept. 22 (Lviv)

  1. You are in on the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, then – Lviv was called Lemberg and the region Galicia. Grandpa is looking forward to have you for dinner in Szigetszentmiklos.

  2. Hey, if it’s along your path, be sure to visit Tiszavasvari and have a stroll down memory lane, remember that our grandparents lived on the Elmunkas Utca…

  3. In Szigetszentmiklós you can get some HÁZI PÁLINKA to warm up 😉 Just check into my house at the Danube after 4.30 pm.

  4. oh, I see … u want to get a taste of all the yummy stuff I told u I was munching the last days … BTW today I had Gundel palatcsinta … Gundel étteremben pérce

  5. The closer you are, the higher the number of the replies… Did you cross the border already?
    When in Hungary, don’t forget to call Zsuzsi, it would be unforgiven. She knows you are approaching! Her mobile number is 0036 30 932 5760.

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