Sept. 24 (Szigetszentmiklós)

We found ourselves in Tiszavasvari quite by accident .. while my brother posted a comment earlier that we should visit, I had no intention to make a detour in the rain, especially one with no value for Jerome. However, he misconfigured his GPS to avoid highways, so it took us right through there on the road toward Budapest. It was in this town where I spent quite a lot of my childhood at my grandparents place. While there, I took a quick tour of all the landmarks, and even went into the corner store where we used to buy our grocieries…

At lunch we stopped at a highway restaurant which had an excellent all you can eat smorgasbord of Hungarian delicacies. Even vine and beer would have been included for the lunch price of about fifteen dollars; unfortunately Hungary plays into their hands by having zero pro mille tolerance for drivers.

By about 5 PM we arrived at my Grandfather’s place who treated us to an excellent home cooked dinner. After dinner Laci and Agi dropped by to say hello as well. Thanks everyone for the great time!









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