Sept. 7

Our plan is to take a passenger train to Chelyabinsk tonight, and the bikes will follow tomorrow. The train goes for 3 days and I doubt it has internet, so you won’t hear from us for a while! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sept. 7

  1. Enjoy the trip – are you going to have two beds in a sleeping compartment? I am sure you will find interesting companions. We will be missing your blog, but I suppose your gps is going to work, right?

  2. Yes I posted a gps dot in the morning, will do another one soon. We have some great neighbors, an ex-T-62 tank commander and his wife. They live in Petropavlovsk, where the custom is to toast to everything 3 times with cognac. As a result we slept great. Train is very similar to the “wiener walzer” 4 person kupe.


  3. Szia Ádám!

    Az a szuper nyomkövető kütyü rajzolja valahova az útvonalatokat?
    Meg lehet nézni mondjuk googleEarth-on?

    Üdv: Laci

  4. Szia Laci,

    A motorbicikli- kép alatt a MAP-re kell kattintani, s ott lehet terkep es szatellitfelvetel között valasztani. Ha a kis motorbicikla- ikonra kattintasz, megadja az idopontot es koordinatakat, Ha pedig a szövegben a “clicking here”-re, akkor teljes kepernyöre nagyitja.

    Sokszor üdv, Akos

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