Arrived in UB (updated)

We landed today morning around 6 am, and made took a private taxi to the hotel, getting only mildly ripped off (paid probably 2x as much as the locals, 30,000 MNT), and checked in. The receptionist even understands a bit of English. He called the warehouse with our bikes for us, and was told that we should come for the bikes on Monday at 10 am. We found the location on some maps he provided. The city does not seem very big at all. We slept a few hours and then got hotel breakfast which was disgusting but we did not get sick, which is awesome. We will now take a walk in the direction of the city center to do some shopping and look for a decent restaurant. I will also try to send a gps spot. So far so good.

Update: Both of us survived the day with only very mild stomach problems (note to self: stop drinking coffee with milk here). Had a pretty decent pizza lunch. Spent most of the day sightseeing in the city. Took lots of pictures. By six PM the jet lag was however making it hard to stay awake, so we just went shopping for imperishable groceries. The selection of western goods is pretty limitless here, as good as pretty much anywhere.

Here are some random photos:












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